Media: Nicole Kidman is expecting a child

In nearly fifty years of Australian actress Nicole Kidman waits for the third child. About it reports the edition OK!, referring to the friends actress and her husband Keith urban. Lately there have been so many talks on this subject, that the sources are sure – screen star is pregnant.

“At the Christmas party Nicole jumped on stage to Keith and started to sing along with him. It is easy glowed with happiness and we immediately realized that something happened,” the source said and added that the decision to have a child literally saved a crumbling marriage, actress and singer. He reminded about the fact that Kidman almost left my husband and father to his daughters after he learned about his affair with singer Kelsey Ballerini, which two years ago opened his speech during the tour.
“It was a difficult period, but they got through it and revised his views on relationships and marriage,” said the insider. We’re waiting for official confirmation and, fingers crossed, I hope that’s true. Nicole waited so long for this.

Source: http://hollywoodlife.com
Photo: http://hollywoodlife.com

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