Media: Marat Basharov beat his wife Shevarkov – 24???

31-year-old Elizabeth Shevarkov and 43-year-old Marat Basharov formalized the relationship. Honeymoon couple decided to celebrate in the Dominican Republic, informs “Woman”.

Earlier in the Russian press has reported that Marat and Elizabeth for several years living together. In July 2016, the couple had a son Marcel. In September 2017 Basharov and Shevarkov decided to get married.

Russian media, citing insider data, reported that the couple has quarreled and came to blows, but the artist’s wife to write a statement to the police did not. An insider close to the environment Savercool, informed the members of the press that the woman complained the husband of his brother.

Elizabeth Shevarkov and Marat Basharov | Woman.RU “He came straight over and deal with it like a man,” the media quoted the words of the insider.

At the moment, Basharov and Shevarkov not officially commented on the rumors about the conflict.