Media: Lindsay Lohan embraced Islam

Odd behavior of Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan in the social network gave its followers the idea that the famous brawler embraced Islam. Lately, almost every photo on Instagram she was accompanied by the words “Alaikum Salam”, “bless you God” and “I wish you peace” — phrases that are used in everyday life of Muslims and in religious ceremonies. And now completely deleted all their photos on this social network, leaving only the words “Alaikum Salaam”.

And while fans and followers of celebrities are confused with this rumor (it is time to stop wondering what is happening with Lindsay), a representative for the star says nothing about dramatic changes in its religious life. She pointedly Lohan misspoke about the new Chapter of his life in an interview with UsWeekly a few months ago.
I must say that the rumors about taking Lindsay of Islam went a few months ago, but seriously nobody perceived. If this is true, then I wonder how much impact a new religion on the behaviour and actions of Lohan.

Source: http://radaronline.com
Photo: http://radaronline.com

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