Media: Konstantin Ernst settled the conflict with Alla Pugacheva – 24???

Konstantin Ernst, General Director of the First channel, to resolve the conflict with singer Alla Pugacheva. Earlier, the Diva did not conceal his indignation, when he saw the announcement of the upcoming program, which called it a concert, informs StarHit.

Pugachev reacted harshly to the announcement of the upcoming broadcast of one of the evenings of the festival Heat. In the announcement of the First channel said that it would be the concert of the famous singer.

“Another setup! Why declare “the Concert of Alla Pugacheva” if I sing only a few songs in the final concert. Disgrace!”, – said Pugacheva.

Soon the First channel corrected the error. Alla thanked Konstantin Ernst for the correction of the announcement.

Konstantin Arnd and Alla Pugacheva

Fans of the singer said they were pleased with the fact that a nasty situation was resolved in her favor.