Media called the reason for the separation Samburski with Dievice – 24???

30-year-old Russian actress Nastassja Samburski interrupted love relationship with actor Cyril Dievice. According to the “program”, the reason for the separation of the stars was interviewed in-law, which Samburski did not give permission.

Mother-in-law Samburski praised the actress in an interview, calling it “good” and “good” girl she calls her daughter.

Cyril, Duzevic and Nastasya Samburski | Photos from social networks

However, Samburski outraged that the woman did not consult with her before you go to meet with reporters. In the end, the actress got angry to such an extent that drove Gicevich from home, according to “Days.”

Not specified, will there be a divorce Samburski and Gicevich. Fans of the star couple hope that they will be able to restore the relationship.

Recall that in late December, Nastasya Samburski deleted all photos with her husband from “Instagram”. Users agreed that they had a serious quarrel, however, Samburski did not comment on speculation of fans.