Media: angelina Jolie’s affair with the Director of the Cambodia – 24???

In the press appeared information about the novel of Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie with Director and musician from Cambodia by Prochem Lee.

According to insiders, the relationship with the Cambodian Director Angelina began during their joint work on the painting “First they killed my father.” Then Angelina decided to introduce Pracha with their children and they even managed to make friends, reports Cosmopolitan.

Angelina Jolie and Prach | Social network

After her breakup with brad pitt 42-year-old actress all the free time devoted to the care of children and work. Now the Director posted on his Facebook account a series of photos with the famous actress. In particular, one of these images Prach tenderly embraces angelina’s waist.

Earlier media wrote that Angelina Jolie and brad pitt decided together to celebrate Christmas to spend it with the children. Jolie filed for divorce from pitt 19 Sep 2016. Celebrity couple decided to divorce because of disagreements in the education of their children and because of pitt’s addiction to alcohol.