Media: Angelina Jolie and brad pitt together again

The couple decided to build a relationship on new terms

Jolie biographer Ian Halperin told the Daily Mail that brad and Angelina want to be together. This decision came at a joint session of the therapist, which they appointed a court and the guardianship. However, the divorce process, they decided not to finish. That is a formal marriage, according to Angelina, spoiled their relationship, removing from them all the romance. Now only love and no stamps.

Recall that Angelina really mad at brad after he yelled at his adopted son on the plane in September 2016. At this time, the actor drank a lot and was not always in adequate condition.

But now pitt gave up all bad habits. He spends a lot of time with children. Jolie after sessions of psychotherapy has also become calmer. And most importantly, they just love each other