Media: Alex Rodriguez cheated on Jennifer Lopez

And still called her his girl. As reported by the Western media, the famous baseball player Alex Rodriguez secretly kept love letters with a fitness model Lauren hunter, offending and humiliating his current passion. This publication reports The National Enquirer, citing the words of the same hunter.

As it became known, the correspondence included Nude photos of models. Hunter does not hide that he met with Alex back in 2011 when he had an affair with Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz. Since they allegedly did not stop to meet.
As soon as Rodriguez began Dating J. Lo, the hunter leaped hunting instinct, and since she had three-four (!) times communicated with Alex through FaceTiming. The publication reports that on may 11, Rodriguez asked her to send a photo of sexual organs.
The singer and athlete began Dating in late 2016. In mid-March, they went to rest in the Bahamas, and since then they are inseparable. The couple met with their relatives and children to each other (their joint photo with the kids in the pool, published in this Sunday – proof). But it turns out to be nothing.
“I don’t think Jennifer is attracted to him sexually. Sure in bed with her he thinks of me. If she thinks he will be faithful to her, then she’s an idiot,” said the hunter, and added that her direct question Alex, how serious their relationship is, he offered her to spend the night together.
The publication claims that Alex invited hunter to join him during a trip to Kansas city, at that time, as Jennifer was busy filming in new York. However, the model. raising three kids, couldn’t find a babysitter at this time.
Lauren also told the publication that in 2011, Alex paid her 20 thousand dollars to it to keep him company in bed with another woman. Hunter was happy with the deal and says that she liked the experience.
Source. close to Alex and Jennifer, claims that all these stories are fantasies Lauren and nothing more.
“They Jennifer are always together. Weekly second-class publications write something funny about their relationship. They are getting married, Jennifer was pregnant, that sort of stuff. It’s funny,” said the insider.

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