Media: Alain Delon was operated on in France

81-year-old actor was hospitalized due to vascular disease

As reported by the French media, Alain Delon passed after the death of the former civil wife actress Mireille d’arc in August of this year. They say that the heart star has not sustained this loss.

“Of course, he is experiencing because of the death of some speculative claims, but his hospitalization has nothing to do with it”, — has dispelled rumors the actor’s daughter Anouska Delon

Some time ago Alain Delon began to complain of back pain and leg. He started having problems with circulation in his leg, whereupon he was examined, according to Le Parisien. According to Anushka, it was a routine operation.

“My father has been infringed, but at the level of the femoral artery,” said the daughter. — “My father is all right. Stop trying to bury him!”.

While the actor is in the hospital, but feels well. He is preparing for imminent discharge home.