Maya Dontsova terrified of Alexei Bush plans for the future

However, some things confuse Maya. So, for example, she is absolutely not ready to devote his life, sitting at home, taking care of flowers and the goats. And if you take into account frames from a future broadcast, it turns out that Bush had already decided to move from promises to real action, the site says life-dom2.su.

Directly on a place of a skull Alex brought a goat, saying that now they will live together. However it is unlikely he was expecting that temper tantrum the appearance of a pet cause of Maya. Scared of such a prospect, a member of telestroke crying so to calm her he could neither Alexey, nor his colleagues on the show.

“Kupina it is necessary that Maya herself threw it. He is a city man,” “Maybe she’s just on the cow dreamed of,” “would have been a pig to milk it is not necessary. Maybe she would be happier if” – suggested viewers of the TV project “House 2”.