Maya Dontsova is not afraid to speak the truth in the face

People are so stupid, trying to teach me, accompanying it with a bunch of insults and condemnation. You learn not to condemn but they themselves do it, or you saints!? I Express my opinion on the situation, honest but tough. Speak up, too, on the situation. Difficult Yes? For this would be that the brain worked, but it would have to pour a bunch of insults – the brain is not needed. I see the connection?

I’m not afraid to speak the truth in the face, and not afraid to hear it, but those who insult and passes for personality, I’m going to block! You can say I’m right or wrong, but to insult you no right to remain silent! And Yes, the face, necessarily face, but then when I’m ready! When the soil under your feet! And not just to give birth and about the baby to forget.

Thank you all. Merry Christmas, wish you all the best and bright, fill your life with beauty and positivity, then people will come. I wish you twice what you wish me!