Maya Dontsova fears of infidelity Alexei Bush with Lisa, Triandafilidis

And although Alex doesn’t see anything wrong with that, his fiancee is jealous of him for flirting with Lisa, Triandafilidis. Moreover, at the moment, Lisa has another cause for concern. It turned out that Alex and Triandafilidis spend the night in the hotel, and when you consider that there are no cameras and any of your colleagues, it can be assumed that between a couple can happen, anything, the website life-dom2.su.

However, Maya herself is trying not to lose heart, though, and suspects that are known for their frivolous behavior, Triandafilidis can take advantage of the situation. And in light of recent events, Bush himself can succumb to provocations.

“Well, it’s absolutely not climb in any gate!”, “Well Yes, back from a holiday and will start the discussion of the same, rumors and gossip, nothing new” – the audience wrote “House 2”.