Maya Dontsova faced with insults for their categorical position

However, judging by the announcement of the future broadcast, it becomes obvious that their communication came to an end, and the cause of the incident was the daughter of Alexandra, which she had not seen for several months. Moreover, Sheva admits that in the foreseeable future, she has no plans to meet with his daughter, after all, the main goal for girls in the future – as long as possible to stay on “the Island of love,” writes the website life-dom2.su.

Now it became obvious that Maya Dontsova does not welcome the behavior of their colleagues, considering it one of the most bad mother of the participants “House 2”. At least the same Elizabeth Triantafilidis Leela tears because of the separation with the child and literally exploded in Russia. But if you believe Sheva, Dontsova unconscionable. lying. According to the girl, Maya is well aware of how badly she feels about the baby, and claiming the opposite, behaves like a real TV*Pb.

“When, finally, Turnu outside the gate, however, Dontsova? Tedious and disgust as mold, ingrained in “the House 2”, “Although the identity of Maya is quite contradictory, but then she told the truth” – was written by the fans “House 2”