Maxim Galkin showed naughty and young Dolly parton

41-year-old humorist Maxim Galkin has become a real blogger, who regularly pleases its subscribers with new images and videos.

That Galkin has become so popular in social networks has attracted a lot of attention. Including his fellow comedians. So, Jack the Bruises, the resident “Comedy Club” in his recent speech, decided to take a closer look page of Maxim in “Instagram”. Bruises ridiculed Galkin for his publications, hashtags, and old-fashioned speech.

In response to this, Maxim Galkin posted an old photo with a young and mischievous Alla Pugacheva. And in the signature to a photo the husband of the prima Donna commented on the speech Sinyakova. Maxim posted that here not long ago peachily his “Instagram”, including putting him in the guilt of old-fashioned exposition of his thoughts, and as an example called hastega in the use of the word “preach”. And Maxim said that he was trying not to go beyond the existing way leave under this the caption: “Sweetheart heart photo”.

Loyal fans of Maxim and Alla immediately stood up for him, and noted that the published photo Alla looks just like a girl.

Followers wrote to Maxim that a “Comedy” in his name trying to raise his rating. And let them peso?at all you want, the important thing is that he always expressed simply in excellent Russian. And Alla just like a girl, such as red-haired and mischievous. Users have also thanked Maxim, that he properly expresses his thoughts, and even “wrap” cool can.