Maxim Galkin showed a funny video with the participation of Philip Kirkorov

Humorist Maxim Galkin in his microblog published a funny video with Philip Kirkorov. Fans loved the sense of humor of the artists.

Famous Russian showman Maxim Galkin has uploaded the video with the participation of Philip Kirkorov. The comedian asks the king of pop questions about the contents of his pharmacy voice Elena malyshevoy .

Decided to make fun of Kirkorov

As you know, Galkin perfectly possible to parody a lead and Dr. Elena Malyshev. His questions, he wanted to confound Kirkorov, but he was not taken aback and started to talk about the right medicines in the first aid kit.

The dialogue of celebrity fans laugh, and they admired the sense of humor of Philip Kirkorov. Especially funny Philip told of nasal drops and anti-bloating.

Videos with Philip Kirkorov

It should say that the maxima do not feed bread – let me make fun of your friends their star family.

“Max, thank you! Well, the mood in the morning can only raise you!!!”, “You’re amazing, God bless you all with HEALTH!!!!”, “I love your family!”, “Funny like”, “Ahhh! Class!”, “Thank you !!!!buy Pantovic!”, “It’s Very funny…Philip Bravo!!!”, “Paaar! I’m under the table!”, – laugh fans of celebrities under the post. (RUF. and Item. of the author retained approx. ed.).

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