Maxim Galkin funny parodied Lenin

Popular Russian comedian and entertainer Maxim Galkin does not get tired to imitate domestic celebrities. This time Galkin went ahead and funny parodied by Vladimir Lenin.


Maxim Galkin on his official page in social network Instagram has published a funny video where he is on the island of Capri, resents the weather in the image of the leader of world proletariat of Vladimir Lenin. In addition, the parodist funny noticed that the Capri weather is better than in Moscow. “Indian summer, but no more women, no summer,” – said Galkin.

Subscribers of Maxim Galkin appreciated the humor and talent of the parodist: “ashamed to think that Lenin rebelled!”, “Good job, always nice to see”, “you’re so talented, I always look and listen to you with pleasure”, “I fell out of the chair! No more women, no summer! Bravo!”, “Thank you for the sea of humor and positive”. There were also those people who felt that the parody of Lenin is already too much.