Maxim Fadeev told about their abilities paranormalnyh

One of the most famous producers of Russia, told about the incident that happened with him in childhood. the story is so unusual that it forces you to state in my veins the blood.

Maxim Fadeev admitted that in his early years he learned about his unique paranormal ability to see dead.

The first contact with a dead Maxim took place when he was 7 years old. then the musician had never seen a funeral procession, but not that impressed him the most: “a long time ago, when I was 7 years old, we played with the children on the Playground. There was a bunch of sand, iron hill and the iron swing with a broken handle. And past our patio, moved the funeral procession. I saw lying in the coffin a little crooked hunchback man. It was obvious that he could not enter smoothly, and laid him down as best I could. The sight was so-so. But many children are very amused and they began to run and scream something.”

Fadeev said that he himself almost succumbed to the “euphoria” and had almost followed his friends, suddenly pulled a man, saying that to do so is not worth it. This is not good. Maxim immediately recognized the man who spoke to him because just a second ago saw it in…the coffin: “I realized that the person who made a comment to me and continues to stand beside you is the same person that was in this truck. I turned to him and began to examine it, it is not nabegavshis. He looked at me, and suddenly I felt his question: do I see it. I nodded. He said two words: “Special time”. And left.”

By the way, in the life of Maxim this was not the only contact with the other side. Such inexplicable moments as the producer says, gives him a reason to believe that life after death exists.


Source: russianshowbiz.info
Photo: Days.ru

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