Maxim Fadeev has denied the engagement with Nargiz Zakirova

Recently in the Internet appeared rumors that in the New year Maxim Fadeev made an offer to his ward singer Nargiz Zakirova. The reason for these rumors was the photo that Maxim published on the personal page in Instagram.

There were several joint pictures with Nargis, one of which is embodied as a Professor she wears on the ring finger of the right hand a gold ring. In the caption to the photo producer was told, that celebrated the holiday along with Nargis. Then members decided that Fadeev and Zakirova engaged. They were not even embarrassed by the fact that the producer several years happily married to a former make-up artist singer Linda, Natalia and son Sava.

So the fans not think anything bad, Fadeev has recorded a video message. In a small video he asked them not to believe the rumors and assured that any suggestions he Nargiz did not. But also confirmed that indeed gave Nargis the ring, however, it symbolizes not romantic feelings, and some belonging to his team.

Watch the video: Maxim Fadeev has denied the engagement with Nargiz Zakirova / Today at 20:29