Maxim Fadeev commented on the failure of Olga Buzova for Europa Plus Live

Famous music producer Maxim Fadeev voiced my opinion on the disastrous performance of Olga Buzova on Europa Plus Live.
At this event, aspiring singer performed a song called “We be hot” live. Viewers criticized the vocal Olga Buzova and called her performance a failure. The singer was also dissatisfied with their work and hastened to disappear from the media and fans in the dressing room.

However, the opinion of Maxim Fadeev seem different from most. The producer said:
“Once during a press-Breakfast on Muz-TV I said that I think that Olga Buzova sings quite sincerely. Finally came the long-awaited moment on the show Europe Live I had the chance to hear it live. Thank you very much”.

Netizens began to wonder, what is meant by Maxim Fadeev, was he being sarcastic or he joined the army of fans Buzova. Some noted that in his reaction to the execution of Olga Buzova not surprising, because he is the producer of Glucose, which also does not possess singing talent.