Max Kotin: who is the father of the son of Stella Baranovskaya, news today

Maxim Kotin, a well-known journalist and writer, is now in the spotlight because of the death of Stella Baranovskaya, mother of his illegitimate son. Despite all attempts of the late Stella achieve fatherhood from Kotin, the man has not shown any desire to acknowledge himself the father of six-year-old Dani.

Now the boy lives with his grandmother, and his guardianship deals, a close friend Baranovskaya Anfisa Chekhova. Friend Baranovskaya going to seek a DNA test from Maxim Kotin, but even if it is positive, and prove that Kotin really a father Tribute, hardly new dad will want to deal with my son.

Family Cetinich known to all and obviously not poor. Father Maxim, Igor Kotin works as the founder of “NFR Energy”, and his mother Irina Vinter, head of the art gallery at the “Mosfilm”. Irina Vinter puts pictures from your luxurious holidays in different countries and beautiful hotels, so we can conclude that the family Cetinich not poor.

But despite this, Katina does not comment on the fact that their grandson was left without a mother and father does not want to know about it.

Novel by Maxim Kotin and Stella Baranovskaya started a long time ago, a rich guy with the ruble conquered Baranovskaya his condition, rode it on expensive cars, gave him expensive gifts and flowers. After the news of Stella’s pregnancy, Maxim Kotin demanded that the girl had an abortion. The actress refused to abortion, as well as hoping that the child will again bring together max and her. But the millionaire cut all ties with Stella and even when I learned about the terrible illness of the mother of your child, did not call her or visit.

Close friends Stella will seek DNA paternity Tribute to provide a young boy at least some future.