Max Barsky: clip “My Love” broke the record video No. 1 in the CIS.

Max Barskih and his song “My love” is becoming more popular with each passing minute. New video viewed by 5 million people in 48 hours.

July 27, Max Barsky presented a new video for the song “My love”. The biggest video of Ukraine for 48 hours, scored over 5 million views, which is an absolute record for the CIS and Eastern Europe in recent years, citing the press-service of the artist.

Broken records hits

Prior to that, the championship belonged to the group “Leningrad” with the song “Exponat” and after that “Mushrooms” with the work “Melts the ice”, which reached 4.5 million views in three days.

An hour later, after the premiere of the new max Barskih video entered the YouTube trends the four countries among which: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, and continues to hold the position of “Top 3 most viewed videos” for 5 days. The single “My love” is not inferior to the clip in record performance, hitting the top ten most downloaded tracks of the Ukrainian and Russian iTunes.

The opinion of colleagues

Not remained indifferent to the novelty and colleagues at the max stage, having begun to congratulate in their social networks artist with the release of the acclaimed video.

Among the first who left kind words of support, turned out to be Svetlana Loboda. Later joined the congratulations: Olya Polyakova, Vera Brezhneva, Ani Lorak, Oleg Bodnarchuk, Lena Temnikova, Ruslan Kvinta, Misha Romanova and Erica Garages of the group “VIA Gra”, Tayanna, Glucose, actress Natalia Rudova and others.

“My love”, an adaptation of the seventh single from their fourth album greatest hits “the Fog”, which for the first three months of sales received the status “gold”.

“We are pleased that our message finds a response among people in many countries. Love has incredible power, we believe in this feeling and so tried to make sense of it visually. Clip “My love” is one of the most difficult projects I have ever made,” – said Alan Badoev.

“Since the premiere, and to this day I get thousands of thoughts, opinions and feelings from the fans. And it’s not in the song and the clip. We managed to raise a very live topic close to many people, we have launched the wave of love and the most important thing for me!” – told Max Barsky.

We have previously reported that the Ukrainian singer Max Barskih became the face of the popular brand TATTOOSWEATERS.