Matthew McConaughey told how to get rid of baldness

A few years ago Matthew McConaughey, who always had pretty curly hair noticed that he started losing hair. According to the actor, the problem was global, because for a short period of time he had developed a bald spot the size of a silver dollar. Of course, Matthew started to look for a solution to this problem, because usually starred in melodramas and comedies McConaughey, could not appear bald on the screen.

A Swedish expert, whose name was not disclosed at several international medical conferences, said that the disappearance mysteriously bald spots on the head of the actor out of his hands. Supposedly, the actor underwent the procedure of hair transplantation. Today Matthew decided to dot the “I” and said that after all the back on his head hair.

“At some point I noticed that my hair started to fall out intact strands. I got scared and began to look for a way to stop baldness. And now, having tried many tools, I came across a drug that was called, I think, Regenix. And, lo and behold, first I stopped losing hair, and then they started to grow again. They were unmistakable – since the beginning of the treatment I got on top already had a bald spot bigger than a silver dollar, then a bald spot is gone!” — said Matthew.

By the way, to dispel rumors of a hair transplant, Matthew McConaughey had to go to the most famous in California the expert on hair, he inspected his “scalp.”

Fully examined the scalp of the actor and concluded that transplantation was not.

Source: 7days.ru
Photo: 4tololo.ru

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