Matthew McConaughey spoke about his feelings for his wife, Kamila Alves

Matthew McConaughey is now a happy family man, raising three children with his beloved wife Camille Alves. As he admitted, when he first saw Camilla, he realized that he wanted to be with her and no one else. Note that at the time he was a notorious womanizer and even supported the novel with several women.

Noelvis turned the life McConaughey and got him thinking about where to lead his life and what achievements he has under his belt.

“I won her amazing sense of self-esteem, and warm relations with his family. To me she was treated with respect, but without flattery, taking nothing on faith, not believing, that I owe her something, and at the same time not letting me behave like I’m used to,” says Matthew of his beloved.

Interestingly, the couples wedding took place after the birth of their children. Apparently, children became another confirmation of the fact that Matthew made the right choice of their life partner. When he realized this, and then made an offer hands and hearts: “I must Confess I looked at the experience of parents and their not the usual love story, the actor recounts. We and Camille were together all the time. Talking together reading and praying. Talked to people who have experienced divorce and those who, on the contrary, a happy marriage. And in the end realized that they were ready to commit themselves before God. I did Kamila offer for Christmas in the family circle. Wrapped in shiny paper with eight boxes, one of them had a ring. When Kamila found him, I got down on one knee and asked to marry me. She was taken aback, but I said that whatever she was silent, I will periodially. When she said Yes, everyone around applauded”.

Magic story!

Source: 7days.ru
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