Matthew McConaughey became a lecturer at the University of

Matthew McConaughey became a lecturer at the University of

Hollywood actor will return to his Alma mater this fall to lecture on film production.

Representatives of the University of Texas at Austin reported that the course will be called “Filmmaking: from Script to Screen”. To attend lectures of the actor will be able to 30 students. It is also known that together with 46-year-old McConaughey will be to teach Director of “the hunger games” Gary Ross and tenured University Professor Scott rice.

To study the intricacies of filmmaking students will be the joint of the film McConaughey and Ross – “Free state of Jones.” The course includes a detailed analysis of the literary basis of the film and the script. Students will show how to create visual effects, and share some behind the scenes video from the shoot.

By the way, for McConaughey, this is not the first experience in the role of Professor. In 2008, the actor has lectured at the University of Texas about the making of the film “Surfer”.

Despite his star status, McConaughey is a frequent guest of the University American football. He received a bachelor’s degree at the University of Texas in 1993.


Source and photo: novy.tv