Matt Damon: trump wants to get the role for shooting buildings


Famous Hollywood actor and Director Matt Damon told what the requirements put forward by billionaire Donald trump, now occupying the position of President of the United States, shooting scenes in owned buildings.
According to celebrity, the businessman always puts a condition that the film-makers will allocate for his role in this film. Damon noticed that in the case of the emergence of the billionaire on the screen it is almost always about small episodes.
He also ironically said that this scene can always be cut during final Assembly.
Donald trump managed to pull in more than 20 film and TV projects, where he basically played a cameo and the scenes with his participation was sporadic. Among other films and TV series, where at the time “lit up” the President of the United States, are such films as “home Alone 2”, “Zoolander”, “wall street: Money never sleeps”, “the fresh Prince of Bel-air”, “Sex in the city” and “Naytmen”. Trump also for seven seasons, led the reality show the apprentice on NBC.