Matt Damon scares George Clooney horrors of fatherhood

This summer, George Clooney will experience something new and unknown. His wife Amal Clooney will give him heirs who would be his firstborn. Now 55-year-old actor focused on the preparations for this important event. Interesting and controversial questions he asks his friend, an experienced father, Matt Damon. But, as a true friend, he helps with advice, however, misses no opportunity to play a joke on a friend.

As admitted Damon, his friend Clooney can’t even imagine what you’re getting into, because at the same time to bring up two children is much harder than one, “George said to me: “why are you so surprised? You have four children”. I said, “Yes, that’s right. But they appeared in my life at one time. I just can not imagine what nightmares carry the twins ‘ parents. After all, one is so hard to raise, and then immediately two””.

Damon also admitted that sometimes exaggerating on the topic of pregnancy Amal, just because he is interesting and amusing to observe the reaction of Clooney when he hears about some of the difficulties and trials that are coming to him.

Let’s remind, that Matt was the first person in a stellar coterie who knew about the pregnancy of Amal. Then a caring friend warned the family of Cluny, that they never told anyone about the upcoming addition until it has been 12 weeks.

“Last fall, George and I worked together on one project, and one day he pulled me aside and shared with me this news. Honestly, I started to cry! I was so happy for him! Of course, I immediately asked him: “what is Amal?” He said, “8 weeks”. And then I said: “You’re out of your mind?! Anyone yet about what does not speak! You know the rule is 12 weeks?” Of course, he didn’t know him, so I told him, “Buddy, keep your mouth shut”. Four weeks later I asked him: “is everything All right?” George said, “We feel fine.” I’m incredibly happy for him. Amal is simply stunning. He definitely won the jackpot. In all spheres of life. She is a rare woman. They will be great parents. This is by far. Their children are already pre-lucky.- said Damon.

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