“Matilda” movie 2017: about that, why is banned in Russia

For several months the press discusses the scandal in the film of 2017 – the story not yet released the movie “Matilda”. Around, a seemingly ordinary film about the Royal family, real scandal, which was joined by the Deputy Natalia Poklonskaya, Russian Orthodox Church, Christian organizations and many public and political figures.

What is the secret of this film that hasn’t even been above the screens? It should be noted that many do not understand what it was about, after all, “Matilda” has never been seen. But across the country rallies, arson, and some large chain theaters refused to show the Prime Minister, fearing for his own property and the lives of the audience. Know exactly what “Formula Kino” and “Sinema Park” will not show “Matilda” due to threats of a certain organization “Christian state Holy Russia.” Activists promised to burn all the cinemas where ever glimpse the advertisement of this movie.

The dispute has been simmering at the politicians – the Deputy Natalia Poklonskaya was repeatedly sent to check the movie “Matilda” and even discovered he had a lot of violations, for example, the mysterious funding. To dispute even joined Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev. The policy stated that the reason to ban the film only when it will be released.

But activists plan did not allow, after all, “Matilda”, in their opinion, violates the rights of all believers and denigrates the bright face of the Emperor Nicholas. Director Alexey Uchitel told in the film his version of the novel of famous ballerina Matilda Kseshinskaya and Nicholas II. As for the story, the romance between them was purely Platonic, and lasted until his marriage Nicholas. But the Teacher opened a whole range of feelings between them, which aroused public anger.

Metropolitan Ulan-Ude and Buryat diocese Savati commented on resonance with the forthcoming release of the controversial film directed by Alexei Uchitel “Matilda”. “About “Matilda”. Finally answer: not seen, not watched, not read, not judging, because I do not know” – wrote on his page in social networks, the Metropolitan.

It is expected that the film will be released on October 26, 2017, but has already sparked a public outcry. Russia is trying to ban the film, which tells about the romantic relationship of the heir to the Russian throne Nicholas Romanov and dancer of the Imperial theatre Mathilde Kschessinska. As reported by the Federal resources about the explicit scenes have disappointed the public movement “the Royal cross” in which he stated “the distortion of historical events” and “anti-Russian and anti-religious provocation in the field of culture”.
For support, they appealed to state Duma Deputy Natalia Polonskaya, she initiated a check of the movie “Matilda”. Poklonskaya, in turn, put a lot of effort in order for the Prosecutor General’s office took over the case. Moreover, it tried to ban the screening of the film. According to politician, “Matilda” offends the feelings of believers, as Nicholas II officially canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church canonized. This position was supported by many Russians, which, in 2016-m created on the website Change.org the petition, addressed to Patriarch Kirill and the Ministry of culture.

We will note that Alexey Uchitel decided to shoot a historical drama about the personal life of Emperor Nicholas II in 2010. Initially, for the role of Matilda were considered British actress keira Knightley – she loved the script, and she happily agreed. However, during preparations for the shooting Knightley got pregnant and dropped out of the project. For a long time she could not find a replacement and, in the end, approved the young Polish actress Michalina Olshansky. The role of the ruler of the Russian Empire claimed Danila Kozlovsky, but instead of the crown Prince played by German actor Lars Eidinger. However, Kozlowski left the project – he just got another character. In addition, the film starred Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Sergey Garmash, Yevgeny Mironov and Grigory Dobrygin.