Maslyakov invented the elixir of youth and doesn’t want to retire

The Russian clairvoyant and tarragon Marianne Abravitova told reporters that the permanent leading KVN Alexander Maslyakov invented the elixir of youth and does not want to retire, building new creative plans.


His statement Marianne did, after a number of media reports about the possible death of the popular TV presenter. They denied the wife of Alexander Maslyakov, but some sources claimed that the head of the International Union of KVN is still seriously ill.

A psychic claims that Alexander Vasilyevich all right, but his biological age is 50-the summer man. Moreover, the lead full of creative ideas and plans of energy for their implementation. Abravitova compare Maslyakov with Ferrari, who “rushes through life with great speed, cross the finish line but not soon”.

Let’s remind, that Alexander Maslyakov is a permanent leading KVN since 1961 and is President of the International Union of KVN. In November of the current year the presenter will be 76 years old.