Masha Kohno once again saved from the pasture

The vote was frost and J. the Team supported me, despite the fact that I have no pair. I was pleased to tears, not in vain so I fully gave herself to this place and the people, but, unfortunately, I this time the immunity was not given. Olga Orlova even cried when I said good-bye, for me this is a huge figure. I can say this, when I spoke words of farewell, I have flashed before the eyes of all of life and all the moments that I lived here. I wish everyone to get into this tale, called “House 2”. I understand that there are real people and friends. Even the Mayans, despite the ban of Alex to chat with me, get ready to go instead of me. In that moment, when I walked to the gate, Karina said she was leaving instead of me. So God gives me another chance! Thank you all for your support.