Masha Efrosinina said, is how to take a compliment

Masha Efrosinina said, is how to take a compliment

Masha Efrosinina shared with your podeschi tips how to make nice words in his address, noting that many girls just don’t know how to do it.

Masha Efrosinina likes to reflect in his blog about women’s secrets. Another topic of discussion was a compliment. The celebrity said that many girls just can’t take nice words in his address.

“When I was involved in a interesting female practice, my teacher gave me an assignment-experiment: “Make a women compliments during the week. I will share my observations!”. I thought it was a joke, but honestly fulfilled! Stunned by what is happening next! No! Just none of my girlfriends/female friends/acquaintances did not respond to the compliment “you look great” as it should answer a self-confident woman: “Thank you! I know.” Why have not I heard: “don’t exaggerate, I didn’t sleep all night because of the baby!”, “Yes, well, I have PMS, I gained 2 kg!”. A list of such reactions is infinite”, — shared his observations of Mary.

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The phenomenon of leading considers this trouble, so its podeschi celebrity gave some advice.

“Moreover, I am convinced that they did not lie! But that’s not PMS and sleepless nights, it is in our reactions — we don’T KNOW how to accept compliments! Or forgotten — don’t know! But that’s the trouble, girls! It’s really a devastating blow to the self esteem! I suggest everyone who reads me (likes, dislikes it does not matter!) try it, answer the nice words in the address only: “Thank you! I know!”, or even just “thank you.” Feel the thrill from ourselves at this moment, from having a good self esteem!” — advised Masha Efrosinina.


Source and photo: viva.ua