Masha Efrosinina remembered a terrible accident during pregnancy

Masha Efrosinina remembered a terrible accident during pregnancy

Known Ukrainian TV presenter Masha Efrosinina told about the incident in which she got during her second pregnancy, and about the meeting with the Gypsy, that is ready to go into politics and why her husband, businessman Timur Limp, closed his business in Ukraine.

The media personality revealed the secret to reporters for the first time told about a terrible accident, which came during pregnancy.

“Two years ago in the winter my husband got into a terrible accident. I was pregnant with my son Sasha, a short term. Our car was handled, although we were driving on a very small speed, but in turn the ice. Road sand is not sprinkled, and the car skidded into a pole. Thank God no one was hurt, but the emotional stress I have stomach ache. We threw the car on the road, ducked into the subway and went to the hospital. Fortunately, nothing happened, but at such moments I always say, “OK, that just got off”, it could be worse,” recalled Efrosinina.

Mary also spoke about the meeting with the Gypsy who predicted her death.

“A few days before the departure of the Pope came up to me on the street a fortune teller and began to hypnotize me. I gave her a lapel-turn, and she turned to me and said, “a week later the father will die.” Dad by that time was already in serious condition, we knew that this day would come. But it was horrible. I believe I now if you see this Gypsy woman on the street, I’ll know.”

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Efrosinina admitted that he does not exclude that in the future could make a political career.

“I can go into politics if you feel that you need something will be able to do, but until I matured for the policy. Should be the immune system, thick skin, which I do not, but if they came to me and my children at some point say I want to leave this country, I’m really worried”, she said.

Also the media personality told that now is forced to work for two, because her husband abandoned their business in Ukraine.

“Timur had a successful business, but he gave it in management, now working in the civil service, and I have to work several times more. I began to lead the party. But we are a poor family, there are savings, accounts, advertising contracts,” summed up Efrosinina. The full interview can be read in the printed version of the publication.


Source and photo: podrobnosti.ua