Mary Kuleshov flew from the Seychelles to Moscow

My feet are washed by the Indian ocean and the final time I sit in a boat to sail to another island. Sitting next to Lily, with a broken heart, and we go to Moscow. I look at the lonely palm that warmed the soul all these are 3 months old, half my life spent on a private island.
I met and spent changing the leading of our project, gained friends and had a great time. I believe in friendship between a man and a woman, and realized that the enemy could become a close friend. Maybe you funny to read about friendship, which is 3 months, but believe me this island is really common.
As for love, alas it did not. I’m glad for it. So not the time, nor the place. Maybe Moscow will open new horizons. And now I say: “see you soon, my favorite island.”