Mary Kohno affair with a member of the “House 2”. Video

In addition, from the announcement of the future of air you can understand that the girl is heavy communication with Pantykina Jr., despite the fact that the Bar is already long enough has suspicion about the fact that his fiancee is in close contact with the teacher acting school, the site says life-dom2.su.

In connection with this state of things, Pantykin was even forced to arrive at the place of execution, to help to understand the situation, but it is slightly turned out. Instead of having to listen to Alexander, Bar and Kohno continued to sort out relations among themselves, and the situation only by miracle has not ended with fight.

“That’s it Touch and playing to the camera, he yells at her all the time looks askance at the camera, and all the time the other asks if he’s right or not. They are less than a week together, and he makes her as a husband, so Mary doesn’t trust him” – expressed his opinion the audience of the TV show.