Mary-Kate Olsen spoke about marriage with Olivier Sarkozy

Thirty years actress and fashion designer Mary-Kate Olsen, one of the “Olsen twins” became the heroine of a new edition of “The Edit”, which talked about married life and plans.

Recall that in November 2015 the actress is the wife of the banker and the brother of former French President Olivier Sarkozy. Married life, with its troubles don’t seem Mary-Kate neither fresh nor troublesome.
“My sister is satisfied with this life, we are happy. To work in a busy schedule we are accustomed, and to spend their precious time to sit and delve into thoughts, we will not. I have a husband, stepkids and my life. As all I come home, cook dinner. On the weekends I run around and try to find a thing that will wash me relax. All must find an outlet, because they have something to feed domestic resources and not let them dry out” — said the actress.
The spouse of the actress, who is older than her seventeen years, has two children from a previous marriage with Charlotte Bernard. The pair started Dating in 2012, and in 2014 he took a sweetheart offer. The wedding was secret and took place in the house with his wife in Manhattan, close circle of relatives and friends.
Now Mary-Kate moved away a little bit from the cinema and devotes much time to his career of the designer. Maybe because it is not often seen at social events.
“When my sister was younger, the release was part of our work. We walked ahead of fashion and tried to influence trends. We wanted to take the adult clothing and shrink to our size. We have always been very petite, and from a young age think about it” — said Mary Kate.

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