Mary and Alisa Kuleshova Litinsky became good friends

What for you friendship.For me personally, to mean, is, for some, a temporary phenomenon. This is the moment when people have common interests and there are points of contact with the outside world. Alice and he met on the island. “So-so” atmosphere. I drove, and she decided to beat me up. The conflict between us lasted one day, but still came to a consensus. This outcome clearly like me more. I have an awesome girlfriend, she’s a little crazy, like me! Therefore, we many people say, “You, together, not hanging out and scout, You two, too, – you sinusite. We are young and ambitious. I wonder what will happen with me and Alice after 5 years? If we want to communicate? Maybe we will have a family and kids pencils?! What think You? As you can see us at a later time? Does anyone have psychic abilities.