Mark Zuckerberg celebrated the first birthday of his daughter

Cutie Maxim Zuckerberg for a year! All this time, loving daughter mad father mark Zuckerberg shares with us the photos of the baby and talks about her achievements. On the page of the founder of social network Facebook in Instagram appeared a picture in which he and his wife Priscilla congratulate their tithe with the first birthday.

“I can’t believe a year has passed! Yesterday my daughter first kissed me on the cheek. I wish her many years of happiness and health, as well as all children in the world,” wrote mark.

Recall that max is the only child of the couple and very welcome. Before pregnancy Priscilla married Mark in 2012, ended in miscarriages. But the couple did not give up – and here it, a miracle of nature. With the birth of his daughter, Zuckerberg began to pay more attention to the environment, and also allocated huge funds for research in medicine. in his opinion, people should spend more money and energy to the study of the body and search of treatment than drugs. In an interview with mark repeatedly stated that we should all change the planet for the better, because there will live our children.

Source: http://www.starslife.ru/
Photo: https://www.instagram.com

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