Mark Wahlberg: “My daughter can meet Justin Bieber only in my dead body.”

Beriberi and their parents. Hollywood actor mark Wahlberg became a hero of the new program Ellen DeGeneres in the air which told about the passion of their teenage daughter Ella, canadian singer Justin Bieber.

As it turned out, a few years ago mark and his wife invited Justin to dinner. Bieber came in and charmed everyone, and especially their then thirteen-year-old daughter Ella.
“I know that she really liked, she did not hide it, just freaked over it, and once said to me that she wants to marry Justin. I then said to her: “over my dead body. More precisely, two of your corpse, and I’d rather go to jail”” — said mark, laughing.
By the way, if anyone has forgotten, Wahlberg is already “lucky” to visit places not so remote. At the age of sixteen he attacked a Vietnamese owner of the shop where mark wanted to steal the alcohol. Many years later he sincerely apologize to the victim.
I must say that Bibere mark said, not for the first time. 4 years ago a show Wahlberg, who himself has gone through a difficult and full of errors youth, encouraged Justin to stay and not stupid. In life Bieber was then another black stripe, he was involved in one scandal after another. had problems with fans and the law.
“Be a good malchikom, pull up your pants, let your mum proud, yeah? And stop Smoking weed, you little bastard.. Justin, you listening to me? Stop freaking out, okay?” — fatherly tone said mark. After that, Wahlberg said that Bieber’s behavior is the fault of the society that intentionally puts pressure on him, as if instigating a new adventure.

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