Mark Wahlberg complained about the resemblance to Matt Damon

Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg does not like that it is constantly compared with his colleague Matt Damon. This star of “the Departed” told in an interview with “Extra.”

“To me on the street often approach fans Matt Damon and say they liked my playing in the Bourne identity. I Thank them and I invite you to watch the Bourne Identity-4″. What else can I do?” — mark said.
But to his credit, Matt Damon can also tell a lot of stories about how fans praised his performance in “the Third wheel”, where in fact played by Wahlberg. According to Mark, friends and colleagues often tease him, coming up with jokes about the similarity with a colleague.
This year, the screen out two movie Wahlberg – “patriot’s Day” about the explosions during the Boston marathon and the Thriller “Deepwater horizon”.

Source: http://extratv.com
Photo: https://www.startsmile.ru

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