Marius Vaisberg: “Only Natasha knows where in our house the hammer with a screwdriver”

The famous Director said “StarHit” about family life. For several years Marius Weisberg happily in a relationship with actress Natalia Bardot. The man admitted that someone in their house makes decisions and why they might fight.

Film Director Marius Weisberg became famous because of the difficult genre of Comedy. August 17, the screens out the film “Grandma of easy virtue.” The main roles were Alexander Revva, who was one of the producers of the picture, and the singer Gluk’oza. Also in the movie participated and fiancee Weisberg Natalia Bardo. The man said “StarHit” about family relationships, but also revealed the secret of who can be considered the main in their home.

— Why did you decide to call their work “the Grandmother of easy virtue”, because last year released film “the Grandfather of easy virtue.” Not afraid of accusations of plagiarism?It’s a very organic name of the picture, it gives accurate comedic promise. The storyline is that Alexander Revva, disguised as the grandmother, caring for a young girl, played by Gluk’oza, that is the essence of the film is reflected accurately. As for the allusion to the foreign film “the Grandfather of easy virtue”, we must understand that the original title American paintings was different. Literally it means “Dirty Santa”, and this version was invented by Russian distributors, so about plagiarism speech can not go. It’s about the same as to blame all of the movie called “the gambler” plagiarism Dostoevsky. So if there is a parallel, we don’t care.— What memories do you have from working with Alexander Revva? Some disputes arose during the discussion of the script and the filming? We complement each other and there was complete trust. We understand our strengths and weaknesses and on the professional territory of each other did not come, disputes arose. If something is not agreed, then did a few options. We had a good creative symbiosis that, I hope we will continue in the future. — What, in your opinion, “the Grandmother of easy virtue” special? Why the viewer needs to see this movie? It was very funny! Astana and St. Petersburg are laughing equally loudly throughout the film, this is a rare case. If the Russian Comedy is really causing these emotions, it can be attributed to the category of unique in Russian cinema. Make a funny, easy movie extremely difficult. How to refresh an existing plot, how to sell it to modern film language – this is very difficult directorial task. Primitive morality in my movies, no movie is not a fable. Semantic message “Grandmother” is simple – adults does not happen. The elderly are also children who have something hurts. I am often asked: “what are your movies?” I always want to ask in response: “what Fred Astaire, masterfully dancing on stage tap dancing?” — In your film quite a few celebrities. In addition, Vladimir Tolokonnikov, Eugene Gerchakova were the stars that rarely flashed in movie – Gluk’oza, Philip. What difficulties arise while working with them? With the schedule problems, after all, entertainers tour. But mostly, oddly enough, they are more organized, punctual people than the actors in education. It’s easier to work. I did not take the singers for difficult roles. For example, Gluk’oza plays a girl close to her psycho can say that it plays itself. Philip is also the role himself for a long time to explain something he didn’t, it was very comfortable.— Your lover Natalia Bardo also played a role in the film. Stricter appreciate her work or Vice versa? Are demanding, but working with her a pleasure. She was talented, played in a very bright piece of film, I am very proud of. Of course, we are at the site acting only as a Director and actress. The house debated constantly, we have a lot in common. She tells me about the trial and shooting, I consult with her about certain projects that are considered. Natasha gives tips on how the viewer, therefore it is a good gauge. — Did you blame Natalia if she is doing something wrong in the frame? How she responds to your criticism? She listens to me as an actress, listens as his wife. But I have to listen to her at home, she’s my Director. Do not swear, Natasha treats me with respect as the Director and as a man. In General, when a woman loves a lot smoothes. She trusts me, so I can properly form and submit it talent. In some cases, you turn to her for advice? Natasha knows acting basis, help me with advice, someone to try for certain roles. I have to broaden my horizons in this respect, who has a certain texture, very accurately give advice on artists. — Last year you made Natalya an offer of marriage, but the wedding still has not played…Officially we are not painted, but gonna do it soon. While we are busy, schedules are crazy. It’s a day to plan and organize! We have a good time, but hurry makes no sense. Importantly, within the family, the weather was Sunny.— You for quite a long time together. What qualities did you discover in Natalya that emerged with the beginning of a joint life?She has amazing engineering brain, it could be either an architect or engineer. Everything concerning furniture Assembly, kitchen planning, wardrobe – she knows this stuff better than me, I wouldn’t dream of that! She loves tools, repairs,, my opposite in this regard. Hammer with a screwdriver in the house, she knows, not me. — What in your family happens disputes? You give in to the wife or have the last word?Honestly, I bet we surprisingly rarely live very amicably. The only time there was misunderstanding, I had a pregnancy Natasha. She flew from Los Angeles to Moscow, it was hard for her. I worked a lot, she missed me psychologically. If I bet it, like a smart girl, I agree. But when I’m wrong, I admit my guilt. — You long time lived in the United States – where you now spend more time in Moscow or Los Angeles? What city feel house?My home city is Moscow and Los Angeles. I live here and there. — On set, of course, you main. But as home? Who handles the family budget? Decisions we are together, we love it, we have a similar view of the world. If you disagree on something, it’s the little things, which quickly found a compromise. In economic Affairs, I don’t even like, and in a more global, of course, not without my word. Natasha is actively working, things bought myself. I am responsible for expensive gifts for all of the construction that are important for families, it’s for me. — Are you planning any large purchases? Maybe a vacation home?The apartment is already bought, the house was built! Of course, we plan to expand in all senses of the word, in addition to figures. But now we have both career success and we are so comfortable and well that this is not so much puzzled.