Marina Yakovleva was justified for the lies about Vera Glagoleva – 24???

Anna nahapetova, the eldest daughter of late Soviet and Russian actress Vera Glagoleva, accused the actress Marina Nikolaevna in a lie. Heiress celebrity rigidly expressed in the address Yakovleva, informs a portal “DAYS.”

The sudden death of Vera Glagoleva, was actively discussed by all Russian media. In the air began to appear in a program about the legendary Soviet actress. A guest on one of these shows was the actress Marina Yakovleva. The woman shared memories of Glagoleva.

Marina Yakovleva, Vera Glagoleva, and

Anna nahapetova responded to the presentation by Marina Yakovleva, saying that the words of the actress – “lies and filth”.

“What kind of friendship you can say, if you talk about how now is suffering my mother’s brother Boris, who is already seven months dead,” responded Anna.

As reported by Russian media, soon Marina explained why he decided to go on TV. The financial aspect became Yakovleva main component in the decision to participate on a talk show. The actress added that she needed money for the wedding of his son. The gala event was for the family Yakovleva too expensive.

We will remind, Vera Glagoleva, died 16 August 2017 in Germany. The cause of death of the actress was cancer.