Marina Yakovlev accused of a desire to earn death Glagoleva

However Znamenitka has other information

A few days after the death of Vera Glagoleva her eldest daughter Anna nakhapetova protested the behavior of some celebrities, many of whom ignored the request of the family of the late actress to refrain from making any comments.

Among the shared with journalists his memories of Glagoleva and was the deserved actress of Russia Marina Jakovleva. “What kind of friendship You can say, if you talk about how now is suffering my mother’s brother Boris, who is already seven months dead,” he addressed her in his nahapetova.

But recently in mass media there was information that Yakovlev had allegedly explained his action by the need to earn money for her son’s wedding, which took place in early September. However, the Marina Yakovleva in an interview Znamenitka said not helped financially in the organization of the wedding: “What’s amazing is this trend among young people: they now make their own wedding without the help of parents. Yourself saving money. So it was with his nephew and the son” — told then the actress.