Marina Christianovna provoked the conflict with his daughter and son-in-law

Marina Christianovna would like better, but it turned out as always. She wrote a blog that said that she did not have enough time for themselves and to communicate with the team. Did not like Tata and Valera, therefore, almost a scandal. On the one hand I understand the Marina Christianovna, it really is not seen, not heard since their return to the clearing that she is not very like, but on the other hand I know a young family in the face of Tats and Valera, which is difficult yet, because they have recently become first time parents. I hope everything cleared up and the family Blumenkranz not wrecked, you will find the right words and they will live peacefully and quietly. I am very impressed and Marina Christianovna and Tata Valera. Therefore sincerely I wish this family all the best, vzaimoponimanie and most importantly the health of the baby Betty.