Marina Anisina said charges Dzhigurda alcoholism

“In war all means are good”, thought Nikita Dzhigurda and recently published a video that denigrates the honor and dignity of his still legal wife Marina Anisina those. The showman made a public video in which the athlete is captured in condition condition – drunk Anisina and Dzhigurda uses it.

In the video Nikita suggests that the alcoholism of his wife – the phenomenon quite usual, and he himself admits that every night, smokes marijuana because it calms him down.

Lawyer Anisina those, with whom the chair is also engaged in the war, earlier it used to give a legal assessment of his actions, saying that Nikita is one just managed to catch the moment when Marina came with premiere. Now the skater decided to comment on the situation.

“Let Nikita say what he wants. He padkontrol this video,” — said Marina.

By the way, the root of all the troubles in his family Dzhigurda sees the lawyer Sergei Gorina. The showman is confident that Anisina at the urging of pravozashhitnik tried to poison him, and she took something that changed her beyond recognition.

Source: russianshowbiz.info
Photo: Ivona – bigmir)net

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