Marina Afrikantov told how they saw the New year in Minsk

Positive. 5 minutes before the New Year. Happy New Year Friends. We met New year chic. Almost said it at the airport in Minsk, along with Lisa, Triandafilidis, Olexiy Citizen and our David. No taxi wanted us to carry on into the night, but we were initially positively, so nothing could spoil our mood.

And then all went like clockwork, Minsk clubs, met former members of my Alex dancer Brocoli, Mary Philippi. I’m so happy, so pleased, pogudeli well. And then all confused, though, that already 18:20 not all came to the house, well, I think before the end of January holidays find. I love them all. Me and my lover went to conquer Minsk. Where to go to eat, someone tell me? We live in the center near the Central Department store.