Marina Afrikantov ready to return to Andrey Chuev. Video

Exactly like the situation predicted Andrey Chuev, but Tatiana decided to pretend that it knows nothing about it. For example, in a conversation with Andrew Afrikantov, the eldest, stated that her daughter is terribly afraid Chueva, and it means that it is unlikely to be solved on such step, according to the site life-dom2.su.

However, persistent demands Cherkasova transfer tube Andrew forced a woman to “confess”. Tatiana portrayed the conversation with Chuyev, and even asked him to say that he finally marries Marina.

“Marina sadomaso. If she likes to be pounded amoeba. Why not. Everyone lives as he wants. Importantly, the life was,” “Marina, will never return to Chuev,definitely!And this is a common statement of the “House 2″.that would be the time to bring on the emotions!” – expressed his opinion the fans of “House 2”.