Marina Afrikantov once again experiencing problems with Outlook

The fans of the TV show were genuinely surprised when in the freeze frame the girl was much older than her mother. Some were quick to assume that the reason for such a dismal appearance, was the abuse of Botox injections and other cosmetic procedures. Many followers agree that if a girl won’t stop similar experiments, it will soon become to look like an old lady, the site says life-dom2.su.

The best proof that Marina should give up going to the beautician, was a major plan in a recent broadcast. From viewers noticed that the girl’s face all covered with strange spots. This creates the feeling that it’s either lain cheeks, or sunbathing in the waffle iron. However, really blame the banal mesotherapy. And judging by the discovered online photos of other victims, the girl got off easy.

“The last time the project gained outright ugly. Also many of the newcomers to the project are concerned about their problems :one dad doesn’t talk, the other has no money for cosmetics and the figure as Sasha Black, etc.” – he wrote to fans of telestroke.