Marina Afrikantov found a replacement

However, few of the audience shares the view of a young man, because the vast majority believes that nothing between them can be, especially if to take into account information about the imminent participation of Marina in another show. However, the problem lies not in this. Roma have a fan that is willing to give him signs of attention, says the website life-dom2.su.

Mary suddenly found out that Marina never need had an affair she only used it in order to live on the Island of love. Kohno felt sorry for his friend, so now she is always with him and ready to help in everything, even in the construction of new love, the guy has not yet noticed because of their inexperience.

“Nothing amazing – standard development of the situation in “the House 2″, the friend takes a guy with a girlfriend, and she, in turn, forgets about it, familiar?” – wrote one of the fans of “House 2”.