Marilyn Manson shocked at the unexpected confession

Life Marilyn Manson can be described in one word — “shocking”. Everything that makes this man, always attracts great attention of the audience and resonates. It seems that the 47-year-old Manson is not afraid of absolutely nothing and once again he proves it with a story about what he had to do for the TV show “Salem”, the third season of which will soon be presented to the audience. Note: the faint of heart it is better now to stop reading the news!

Marilyn performing in teleserie one of a cameo role, admitted that his part in the “Salem” ended for some animals, death. Hero Manson had to “eat” a handful of leeches. To simulate this action, the musician refused, insisting that all must be present: “”the Man who was responsible for leeches, categorically forbade me to do. Hinted that it would not be humane. But the leeches even have a nervous system in the full sense of the word! But before I had a chance to try something like that. I sprinkled with salt and ate the larvae. I tried many times and live snails. So I do not see anything special!” announced Marilyn.

Source: 7days.ru
Photo: vokrugzvezd.com

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