Mariah Carey spent 34 thousand dollars for a gift to his Russian assistant

Mariah Carey is not used to deny yourself the pleasure to spend money. According to one version it is because squandering broke even engagement of Mariah with Australian billionaire James Packer. Now, when Carey again no one dictates how much she spend, she relapsed. At that time, relatives of the singer asking for her help (remember, the sister of the actress turned to her with a request for financial support), Carey indulges completely strangers.

So, great gift to your birthday was the personal assistant of the singer and her close friend Stella Bulochnikov. Mariah gave her a gift in the form of Louis Vuitton bags the cost of which is 34 thousand dollars. Of course, Stella was extremely pleased with the gift.

Note that for the last time Mariah had become very close with his assistant. Women however, attend many events, but this, unfortunately, had a negative impact on the personal lives of Bulochnikova. Insiders say that Keri has on Stella a negative impact. They say that because Keri girl’s life has changed dramatically, and not all in a positive way.

Source: hellomagazine.com
Photo: starsife.ru

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