Mariah Carey has developed a Christmas line of cosmetics for MAC

Christmas and New year holidays, which is eagerly awaited by people all over the world. Many believe that this is the time when wishes are carried out when in our lives comes something beautiful.

This wonderful, at least for girls who want to always be irresistible, is an updated line of MAC cosmetics. The products were developed with the participation of Mariah Carey.

The attraction of the stars for the collaboration is for a brand new experience. They have previously worked with Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne.

As they say representatives of the company, this year the choice fell on Mariah because she, in their opinion, is the epitome of glamor, attractiveness, and irresistibility snogshibatelno.

All cosmetics packaged in glitter as if sprinkled with glycerol, cases, and on the means applied a butterfly, your favorite symbol Mariah Carrie.

The collection includes lipstick, lip gloss, lip pencil, liquid eyeliner, loose powder, eyeshadow and blush. It is important to note that each tool received its name from songs Carey. So in the line we see “All I Want”, Whenever You Call, This Is My Night, etc.

Source: vogue.ua
Photo: vogue.ua

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